Extended bar hours no problem in Foggy Bottom

This post was written by Hatchet Staff Writer Amy D’onofrio.

Two Foggy Bottom establishments stayed open late over inauguration weekend with very little public disturbance, a local official said Wednesday.

“My assessment is that the inaugural festivities went smoothly and the neighborhood disturbance was minimal,” said Asher Corson, chairman of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A.

Commissioners voted at a special ANC 2A meeting Jan. 15 to give the Shadow Room nightclub and Marshall’s Bar and Grille a waiver from the voluntary agreements they have with the commission that limit their hours. The waiver allowed the two establishments to serve alcohol until 4 a.m. between Jan. 17 and Jan. 21.

Corson said he had not gotten any complaints from his constituents about noise during the weekend. A regular meeting of the ANC 2A will be held Jan. 28, and Corson said if neighbors had any complaints he might hear about them then.

A co-owner of the Shadow Room, Stephen Acott, said the club closed the night of the inauguration around 3 a.m. and that it did not experience capacity issues or problems with patrons exiting all at once.

“It went great. We took advantage of (the extension) every night,” said Acott. He said he thought K Street, where the club is located, might have been closed during the weekend, but taxis were able to reach Shadow Room.

Marshall’s Bar and Grill stayed open till at least 3 a.m. each night of the extension but actually hit its capacity on Tuesday afternoon, Marshall’s bartender James Parker said.

“There was no room for anyone to stand,” he said.

A total of 282 establishments across the city registered with the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration to extend their hours over the weekend.

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