What’s in a name? The most popular names at GW

Correction appended

“Is there a Michael here?”

If you’re at GW, the answer is probably yes.

That’s because Michael is the most popular name for George Washington undergraduates.

The Hatchet gathered data from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning to break down the name game at GW. According to this data, 174 Michaels currently attend GW. Matthews are second at 125 and Sarah rounds out the top three with 119.

The top 10 most common male names are as follows at GW are:

1. Michael, 174
2. Matthew, 125
3. Daniel, 112
4. David, 111
5. Andrew, 107
6. Alexander, 102
7. Christopher, 100
8. Joshua, 74
9. James, 72
10. John, 72

When it comes to females, the most popular names at GW are:

1. Sarah, 119
2. Jessica, 93
3. Lauren, 92
4. Emily, 90
5. Elizabeth, 89
6. Rachel, 75
7. Katherine, 70
8. Alexandra, 69
9. Amanda, 68
10. Jennifer, 66

GW’s list slightly resembles the list from the Social Security Administration, which announces the most popular baby names each year. In 2007, Jacob defeated Michael for first, while Matthew came in fourth and Daniel came in eighth. Jessica, GW’s third most common female name, earned sixteenth place in the United States.

Sarah, GW’s most common female name, came in tenth nationwide. Emily was the most common female name in the United States, while it ranks eleventh at GW.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, 2,154 undergraduates do not share their name with anyone on campus. For instance, only one student shares her name with Martha, George Washington’s wife.

As for George, 18 lucky undergraduates share their name with GW’s founder. Nationwide, the name George captures the 137th spot. Here’s hoping that they live up to the name and follow in Washington’s prestigious footsteps.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction: (January 12, 2009)

The Social Security Administration reported in 2008 that Jacob bested Michael as the most popular male baby name for 2007. The 2008 numbers have not been released.

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