Staff Editorial: New Year’s resolutions

Welcome back GW. Before the semester gets into full swing, let’s set some New Year’s resolutions – and actually keep them this year.

UPD open records

Regardless of the school’s ruling on arming the University Police Department, UPD must finally open its records to the public. In the context of the community-wide discussion, it is the ideal time to re-evaluate disclosure policies and increase accountability within the department. On the same note, as discussions on guns continue, the students and the GW community as a whole need to be involved.

Student Association reform

After a lackluster first semester, Student Association President Vishal Aswani needs to reform his leadership and communication style within the SA to salvage what’s left of his administration. Get something done – at this point we’d settle for a really good online test bank – and then let the student body know about it. You have three months left. Let’s make something happen before the spring election fervor takes over.

More fiscal restraint

It’s great that GW doesn’t seem to be feeling the pain of the economic crisis to the same extent as other institutions experiencing salary freezes and downsizing. Still, no matter how well we’re doing, plans for costly projects such as the Science Center are alarming, especially in light of the University’s $783 million accumulated debt (which is projected to grow). Let’s acknowledge that we’re in a recession and practice a little more restraint.

Student sustainability efforts

From more recycling in the residence halls to the Green Living and Learning Cohort, let’s see some more enthusiasm for student-led sustainability efforts. An Office of Sustainability is nice, but students are the ones that really have the power to make it happen.

SMHS probation transparency

It goes without saying that the School of Medicine and Health Science’s top priority should be to make its way off the accreditation probation list this year. However, SMHS needs to release the initial reports from the accreditation body, the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, so the GW community knows exactly what went wrong in the first place.

Improved CCAS advising

It’s pretty clear that the current CCAS advising system isn’t working. This semester, utilizing the Web could be a great step toward streamlining the process. Having an online database of checklists with requirements and a FAQ section would eliminate much of the stress of registration. CCAS advising could also work with the Elliott School of International Affairs, known for its superior advising system, to adapt effective aspects of the advising process.

More responsible coaching

It’s no secret that the men’s basketball team isn’t having a great run, but it would be nice if head coach Karl Hobbs would take some personal responsibility for his team’s performance. We aren’t calling for a miracle, but at a time when we are trying to raise millions for Smith Center renovations, a coach should own up for the way his team is doing.

A great Spring Fling

After the less-than-impressive coordination of Fall Fest, it is time for Program Board to really deliver with Spring Fling. You’ve had months since Fall Fest to come up with a new strategy – we’re waiting for something big.

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