QuickTakes: Holiday cheer on a budget

Hatchet Arts presents tasteful holiday gift options that make a statement with a low price tag. It’s the thought that counts?


Amy Grant “Home For Christmas,” 98 cents used (Amazon.com)
This album: #2 on the Billboard 200. In 1992.

Mood ring, $3.99 (BeautyBoutique.com)
Ideal for convincing that 1970s tween you’re after to go steady with you and a good alternative to forfeiting your leather-sleeved letterman’s jacket to a burgeoning relationship.

HollyDay plaid scrunchie, $3.99 (Scrunchies.com)
Because folds of holiday-themed fabric in your hair drives the boys wild!

David Cassidy poster – 8×10, $6.99 (AllPosters.com)
Help a friend (or lover) recall the memories of the Partridge family’s greatest dreamboat.

Britney Spears, “Circus,” $9.99 (Amazon.com)
Because Britney is making a comeback. And is relevant. And the documentary on MTV opened your eyes.

Subscription to SELF magazine, $10+$3 s/h (Self.com)
You to your (girl)friend: “Here, they have great fitness tips. Really. You should try them.” Plus, a free tote bag with every subscription!


Corn cob pipe, $3.10 (HerbalCantera.net)
To match a button nose. How thoughtful.

POG metal slammer, $3.95 (PartyUnlimited.com)
Nothing says mysterious, interesting and approachable like a kid with pogs. Or a kid who gifts pogs.

Chia seeds, $4.95 (TVProducts4Less.com)
Inexpensive and practical.

Space Pen pressurized refill, $5 (Spacepen.com)
With the cost of an actual Space Pen at $25, opt for the refill. The ink will still write in space.

Sony clock radio, $11 (Amazon)
A gift that says you care. A lot.

Name A Star, $19.95 (NameAStarLive.com)
Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?

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