Staff Editorial: Concerns about UPD? Be involved in the process.

Ever since the University announced it was taking a serious look at arming the University Police Department, the floodgates were thrown open for complaints and criticisms of the department and the idea of giving its officers firearms.

This page has already written an exhaustive analysis of the arming UPD situation as it currently stands, but for those community members who wish to have their voices heard, Monday will be one of the first opportunities to do just that.

As it seeks reaccreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), UPD is holding a public comment session on Monday at 5 p.m. in the Marvin Center.

While this may not sound like the event of the season, it is vitally important that students and community members take advantage of every chance to have a public discussion about the department charged with keeping our campus safe.

Reaction to the idea of arming UPD officers has been anything but flattering for the department, with prominent community members accusing officers of being too “unprofessional” to carry guns. If this is how the GW community feels, then this is the chance to voice those concerns and have them addressed.

It won’t be long before the commission on arming UPD is in full swing, and even though this public session is about accreditation and not firearms, concerns with the department must be aired as early as possible in this process.

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