Letter to the Editor

A new beginning for GW

Several hours ago, after hearing the results of the 2008 presidential election, several friends and I proceeded to run to the White House, darting past Thurston on the way and picking up tens of accompanying students. We were lucky enough to be a part of the initial group of students to gather out front, but that did not stop us from staying long enough to be joined by hundreds and perhaps thousands of GW – and eventually D.C.-area – students.

I can say without reservation that I have never been prouder to be a GW student. Tonight’s rally not only garnered our school national attention, it more importantly unified our student body in a way that only a spontaneous gathering of students could do. Tonight, while many college students across the country celebrated, GW students alone were able to uniquely voice their celebration in the presence of the current president, allowing him to hear not only our dissatisfaction with the current administration, but our optimism and joy at the prospect of new national leadership.

While I will always consider the election of the first black president an incredibly significant moment in our nation’s history and indeed my life, even more meaningful will be that moment in which GW students and staff came together and gathered at the center of American democracy – excited, energized, but most importantly, unified.

Hold on to that unity, GW; it is why most of us came here. It is something that even a good basketball team cannot produce, and higher rankings will never be able to spur it. We always say GW has an identity crisis, but perhaps tonight was not only a new beginning for our country. It may have been a new beginning for GW.

Kyle J. Boyer, Student Association executive vice president

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