Election celebrations continue in Kogan Plaza

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Jenny Avallon

Yet another Obama celebration broke out in Kogan Plaza Wednesday afternoon as nearly 20 students assembled to chant, clap, and rejoice in the previous night’s historic announcement.

“We saw America come together and transcend racism. We saw America come together and transcend classism. We saw America come together and say ‘YES,’” shouted junior Jordan Chisolm, president of the Black Student Union, to an enthused crowd.

Many students were still reliving the previous night, an evening which won’t soon be forgotten by these supporters.

“My initial reaction…I honestly don’t have words for it. I felt so blessed,” said junior Jonathan Blakely.

But today, in Kogan, these students joy had yet to subside. Many were adorned in Obama apparel and, though their throats were growing sore, they cheered proudly to passersby. Within all the celebrations, there was an underlying theme of gratitude to the history which had made this election possible.

“This weekend you celebrate, but never forget all the work that was done to get you here today,” said Chisolm as the crowd began to disperse.

The success of the Obama administration is still to be seen, but these students have faith in their candidate of choice.

To the critics who believe these celebrations are too soon, Blakely says, “They’re just party poopers.”

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