Blind Date: Too close for comfort

This week’s Hatchet Blind Date broke one of the cardinal rules of dating: Don’t date your friends’ exes. Adding to that, junior Nate Andorsky brought his best friend along on the date, who happens to be junior Alyssa Friedlander’s roommate’s boyfriend. Their Wednesday evening dinner at Peacock Café showed the two blind daters, with their promiscuous topics of conversation, that they were not meant to be. After friends, roommates and exes got involved, the relationship stopped at friendship.

Name: Nate Andorsky

Year: Junior

Age: 20

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Major: Business administration

Name: Alyssa Friedlander

Year: Junior

Age: 20

Hometown: Roslyn, N.Y.

Major: Business and public policy

What is your ideal first date?

NATE: My ideal first date is she comes over to my place, we share some beverages, some nice talking, make our way over to Adam’s Mill in Adams Morgan, late night McDonald’s, followed by Jumbo Slice.

ALYSSA: I like them really original and unique. There are a lot of standard dates; I think that’s boring. Maybe a cool activity, like going on an adventure somewhere we’d never been before or like going to an amusement park.

What do you look for in a person?

NATE: Outgoing personality, strong family values.

ALYSSA: Sense of humor. He has to be really adventurous.

What are your own interests?

NATE: I’m very involved in my fraternity, love my family, sports – I play club lacrosse.

ALYSSA: I like photography and I really like skiing.

Alyssa says:

Actually, I found out who he was before and it turns out it’s my roommate’s boyfriend’s roommate; I had only met him once before so I didn’t really know him. But I think he was really nervous because he invited them along, which I thought was kind of funny. So it was kind of like a double date.

I’ve never been on a blind date before, but I have been on an actual date before. He seemed nice, typical GW frat kid. We went to the Peacock Café and I had a salad and salmon.

I had met him once before, but very briefly. He told me about his company that he started, which was interesting, majors, where we are from, our siblings, if we had ever been on a date with someone prior to sleeping with them, which I think is not a typical college thing to do. He talked a lot about high school, which I found very strange.

Uh, I’d give it a C; he seems like a nice person but really not my type of guy to date. I couldn’t see myself dating him. I wouldn’t mind to go hang out with him, but I wouldn’t go on another date with him.

Nate says:

I had no expectations because it was a blind date. I’m kind of a crazy guy, so I thought why not give it a chance? What if I fell in love with this girl? It would be a cool story for my kids.

I’ve been on blind dates before, 53 to be exact. First impression? Well, wow, that’s my friend’s ex-girlfriend.

We went to the Peacock Café, started off with a nice appetizer of nachos, then I got the salmon fillet for the main course.

I knew of her before, but I had never met her. She’s my good friend’s ex-girlfriend, that’s all I knew. Oh, funny story – on the way there, the taxi driver had just gotten off the phone with his mom and told us that his mom was sleeping around. We talked about where we were from, what you’re interested in.

I’d give it a B. The date was good but it ended at the end of the night, put it that way. Yeah, I’d go out with her again just to piss off my friend.

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