Staff Editorial: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up: 2145 G St. Lounge

The University decided to put a student lounge and study area in the old DJ’s Fastbreak space at 2145 G St. There were several proposals, including a Greek spirit store, but GW picked the best option to increase student study space. It might be a bit of a fishbowl to study in, with all the windows on the corner, but the lounge is a great step in the right direction for student space.

Thumbs Down: Rising theft

Local thefts have risen 30 percent this October from October 2007. Law enforcement officials cite cases of people not securing their valuables, while a GW sociology professor referenced the downturn in the economy. Either way, people should be careful not to leave their belongings unattended and be aware that thefts have increased in the area.

Thumbs Up: SA transparency bill passed

On its second try, the Student Association passed a necessary transparency bill that will allow students to view student orgs’ financial records. Being able to see how student orgs are using their SA-allocated funds will increase accountability and discourage wasteful spending.

Thumbs Sideways: J Street loses Indian restaurant

Popular Indian restaurant Sangam, new to J Street this year, is being replaced with revolving restaurants of Mexican, Pakistani and other cuisines. Well-liked eateries are hard to come by at J Street, and it’s unfortunate that GW and Sodexo did not approach Sangam for a contract. Revolving cuisines is an interesting idea and could be successful, but why fix something that isn’t broken?

Thumbs Down: Unity Ball

The Unity Ball, co-sponsored by the Student Association, failed to achieve its original goal of promoting campus unity, with a vast majority of the attendees from the Greek-letters community. While by all accounts Unity Ball was a great party, its $50,000 price tag is too hefty for the event to not accomplish its original goal. If the SA is going to take $20,000 out of the student fee fund, it should be for an event where non-Greeks are better represented.

Thumbs Up: GW athletes hitting the books and the court

GW has the best athletic graduation rate in the Atlantic 10 conference and was consistently above the national average for Division I athletes as well. This speaks well for the athletic department’s efforts to encourage scholarship as well as athleticism.

Thumbs Sideways: Office of Sustainability opens

The GW Office of Sustainability has finally opened and we look forward to more green initiatives in the coming year. Currently, it is one-man show, with Presidential Administrative Fellow Josh Lasky the only member of the office and a search for a director ongoing. Hopefully, the University intends to devote more resources and staff toward this office. The office should also try to energize the student body, not just focus on carbon emissions plans.

Thumbs Down: Swim and water polo teams suffering itchiness and hair loss

The men’s and women’s swim teams and the water polo team reported that some members experienced severe itchiness and hair loss. A lack of communication between the teams and the administration about a chemical imbalance in the water exacerbated the problem, though the Smith Center facilities manager has apologized to swimmers.

Thumbs Sideways: Britney Spears’ new album approaching

We’re all holding our breath for Britney Spears’ new album “Circus,” which has already spawned No. 1 single “Womanizer.” It could be terrible. It could be awesome. Most likely it will be awesomely terrible and terribly awesome at the same time. Look for it on Dec. 2.

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