Melanie Hoffman: What would your father say?

Halloween, one of GW’s favorite holidays, is right around the corner and every girl is thinking about what she is going to be. Or, more importantly, what is she going to wear?

Most likely, as little as possible.

Whether the scandalous outfit this year has a red medical cross stamped somewhere to qualify you as a nurse, or you add cat ears to your black bikini to say you’re a black cat, your costume is still the same as all the others – trashy.

Stereotypically, guys are expected to put forth very little effort, while girls are expected to have impressive costumes with as little material as possible. It seems like every girl over the age of 16 dresses up as the same thing every year for Halloween – a tramp. This behavior is unacceptable for a group of students that calls themselves the future business leaders, politicians and doctors of America.

True, when you go into a Halloween store like Total Fright in Georgetown, the women’s costume section consists of one skimpy getup after the next. There are barely any costumes that don’t have matching garters available.

Why do girls spend money on this? And a good chunk of money at that, with costumes running from $50 to upwards of $85 each. That’s not exactly pocket change.

For some reason, girls seem to take to heart a quote from “Mean Girls”: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” False. You’re still going out wearing fishnets and a garter belt and people will still be taking pictures of you. How is that classy?

On that note, please remember – people are staring at you. Even people you don’t want to be staring at you. Are you really OK with that?

As girls’ costumes continue to shrink, the acceptable Halloween costumes for guys are still football players, doctors, bananas or beer kegs. About the most risqué it got for guys at Total Fright was the “Big Daddy self-adhesive hairy chest kit” for $8.99. Guys don’t feel the pressure to show more skin.

Submitting to this ridiculous double standard has a negative effect on the respectability of women in general. What has the struggle for women’s rights been worth if we are just going to exploit ourselves on holidays like Halloween? How can a girl even pretend to be insulted if guys treat her as nothing more than eye candy when she is wearing a microscopic Halloween costume?

Respect yourself and women in the past that have made it possible for you to vote next week and to attend GW – and put some clothes on.

The writer is a freshman majoring in business administration.

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