Indian venue closes at J Street

Students looking to satisfy their cravings for chicken curry or butter naan will have to look outside of J Street now that Sangam has closed.

Sangam, the Indian restaurant formerly located next to Little Italy, unexpectedly closed almost two weeks ago.

Nancy Haaga, managing director of Campus Support Services, said the closure was part of a planned dining project. She said there would be many restaurants coming into that location.

“The Sangam Indian Restaurant was the first in a series of different cuisines that will cycle through the Little Italy venue throughout the academic year,” Haaga said. “This venue will see a rotation and variety of different menus to include Mexican, Persian and Pakistani.”

Sangam owner Edward Dean said there were other reasons Sodexo did not allow the Indian restaurant to stay.

“We had no contract with them,” Dean said. “They initially told us it would be a trial basis and I do not know what happened.”

Dean mentioned it might be “internal issues from the union side” that pushed Sangam away. Haaga declined to comment on union issues.

“I like the place. People are nice,” Dean said. “I’m very happy to be of service to you all; our intent is to give the best of the best. Dr. Knapp has eaten my food many times and he supports it.”

He added, “It depends on the management of Sodexo, I have to work with them. I want to stay in such a way that I do not cause havoc, but I miss you all and would like to come back.”

Some students have voiced concern about the closure and asked for the return of Sangam.

“I ate there and I loved it. Everyone I know loved it too,” sophomore Amani Sheikh said. “I’m from Pakistan and my mom makes a lot of similar food and when I ate there I felt like I was home.”

Freshman Sherry Gu said he is disappointed that Sangam will no longer operate in the Marvin Center.

“I thought the Indian place was really good. I really would like them to come back,” Gu said.

Haaga said the restaurant “is not scheduled to return.”

She said if students want to suggest types of cuisine they would like to see this year, they should contact Jill Wilson from Sodexo Dining Services.

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