Letters to the Editor

T-shirts won’t unite America’s youth

I understand what Alex Eisner was getting at in “Where have all the Republicans gone?” (Oct. 16, p. 4). Republicans at GW are not as visible as their Democratic peers.

However, the logic in this piece is flawed. The idea that a large discrepancy in the number of search results on Google between “Obama gear” and “McCain gear” yields any proof of the untapped zeal of college-age Republicans is absurd.

I too wish there were more proud Republicans on this campus. But claiming “wearing a silly shirt or tie or lapel pin” may lead to collegiate cooperation and solving America’s problems is farfetched and unrealistic.

Ben Wagner, Freshman

CRs have reason to be proud

In response to Freshman Representative Alicia Froio, (“CDs wear shirt for a reason,” Oct. 16, p. 4), I’ll tell you where you can find the College Republicans – in Virginia getting out the vote.

We have a reason to be proud and we’re fighting for it. We are especially proud of McCain-Palin. A twin record of reform and country-first policies signal a welcome break from the nominees of both parties from past elections.

As pointed out by “GW College Republicans: Leading on a liberal campus” (Oct. 16, p. 4), the campus GOP has been active, out in the public and registering voters. I’ll take voter registrations over T-shirts any day.

Lastly, I find it surprising that you would publicly reduce Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) to an “incompetent beauty queen,” seeing that most beauty queens don’t balance budgets and take on oil lobbyists as part of their job. So I hope you will take no offense when I state that College Republicans are working tirelessly in Virginia to stop an unproven, untested, twice-author, never-sponsor Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., from becoming president.

Should the Democrats succeed in electing Obama, I would commend them for accomplishing the hard task of convincing the American people that a man who has done nothing for them can now suddenly fix everything.

Conor Rogers, CR Freshman Representative

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