Letters to the Editor

CDs wear shirts for a reason

To Alex Eisner, author of “Where Have All the Republicans Gone?” (Oct. 13, p. 4):

Let me tell you why we wear our pride on our shirts: We’ve got a reason to. GW College Democrats are wearing shirts that represent the work of the elders of our party who have made it possible for us to be able to vote for the first African-American presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. We are extremely proud of our party and our country.

On the other hand, Republicans have turned an honorable and heroic American into a confused and erratic presidential candidate. They’ve even attempted to take America backwards by nominating an incompetent beauty pageant queen for vice president.

I’ve seen Republican shirts on campus. But instead of saying “Proud Republican,” the shirts I’ve seen say “V.I.L.F.” Classy.

Alicia Froio, Freshman representative of the College Democrats

Get out of the GW bubble

Whenever my buddies and I want to grab a bite to eat, we almost never consider the eateries on campus because it’s nice to just get out of this “GW bubble” once in a while.

Yes, due to classes, jobs and other extracurricular activities, we need to find something quick to eat, but don’t let GW have the satisfaction of trapping you on J Street with their low-quality food. If they want more business from us, they should compete with the other nice restaurants in the area that have better quality or lower prices – not mandatory spending.

I know it takes some effort to get out of this campus to other great places like Greek Deli, which is right next to Nooshi or Chipotle. However, you will feel better after taking the effort to get off this campus.

Underclassmen, don’t let GW Dining Services dictate where you should be eating with this terrible mandatory plan; bring up this issue with your SA senators or someone who can speak out for you. It’s not just the quality of the food or even the price of it – it’s the principle of the matter.

Charles Tong, Senior

Stop whining about dining

As a graduate student, I am really tired of hearing undergrads bitch and moan about the food on campus – and I don’t even like the food on campus. No doubt Ross Griffith feels that as a senior majoring in history he is fully qualified to tell everyone how things used to be, but he has been here three years and a few months and doesn’t know what he’s talking about (“Stick a fork in J Street,” Oct. 13, p. 4).

Back in 2002, eating at J Street was mandated by the University, and everybody did so because there were hardly any options. I was required to spend $2,200 there.

“Hire student workers?” Brilliant! I’m sure the workers at J Street wouldn’t mind being laid off. Definitely no legal issues there. No doubt Sodexo will be flooded with applications from students looking for a “direct stake” in J Street.

“We could go crazy and put in a Burger King?” I remember when Wendy’s was a Burger King but it wasn’t really all that crazy. You know what was crazy, though? Taco Bell. That was good times. Perhaps The Hatchet should do an article about all the places that have come and gone.

Maybe the next time they include a quote from some poor store owner crying about mandatory spending at J Street hurting his or her profits, the reporter could ask what profits were like after the University finally let students spend their meal plan outside GW. That might actually be interesting to read – and give us some historical perspective.

You probably have more options than any other students at this school before you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t complain or suggest changes, but look at what things were like in the past before you declare yourself an expert.

No hard feelings, Ross. Let me buy you dinner some time … at J Street, of course.

David Austin, Graduate student

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