Offend Maggie (KILL ROCK STARS)

If you can’t live with incomprehensible lyrics about things like hoofies (whatever the hell those are), Deerhoof probably just isn’t for you. Otherwise, you’ll be pleased to know that their latest effort might just be the best thing they’ve done. All it took was them trying to be a funk band. Drummer Greg Saunier is massive, as always.

-Alex Abnos

Ben Folds

Way to Normal (EPIC)

Power-pop fans rejoice! “Way to Normal” delivers a neat package of humor, vulnerability and emotional candor. But do we really need an American Elton John?

-Colleen Beagen

Katy Perry

Limited-edition doll (INTEGRITY TOYS)

And the market for this is…?

-Amanda Pacitti


Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (Soundtrack) (ATLANTIC)

Forgiving this soundtrack for shamelessly cashing in on “indie” sound is one thing – performers are performers, no matter their ostensible authenticity – but its uneven quality is inexcusable..

-Philip Burrowes

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