Staff Editorial: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up: EMeRG ambulance finally in action

After several years waiting for approvals and certifications, GW’s EMeRG student volunteers will get to use their ambulance. This should enhance the service they can provide the University, especially since transportation to GW Hospital will now be free for students. Congratulations to EMeRG, UPD and Rafael Sa’adah, assistant fire chief for EMS operations at the D.C. Fire Department, who helped make this happen. Happy EMeRGing!

Thumbs Sideways: WiFi expansion is great, but there are still problems

The University has vastly expanded WiFi all over campus, and students have been reaping the benefits so far this year. The quality of the connection is still spotty in many places, though, and entire buildings on campus still haven’t gone wireless. Hopefully GW will be able to work out the issues and become fully wireless soon.

Thumbs Down: J Street mandatory spending affecting community businesses

Local businesses such as Froggy Bottom Pub and Pizza Italia have been feeling the burn since the University and Sodexo instituted mandatory spending policies for freshmen and sophomores. A year into this policy, these mainstays of the campus community are still seeing their revenues slide, and the economic downturn isn’t helping. Let’s support local businesses and keep GW from becoming completely generic.

Thumbs Up: Community justice

Community court is expanding its presence in D.C., which is good news for traffic and misdemeanor offenders. Dealing quickly and effectively with low-level violations, the community courts offer a great alternative to courts and jail time, easing congestion in the courtrooms.

Thumbs Down: Rising gas prices restrict athletic travel

With fuel prices skyrocketing and staying high, the GW Athletics Department has been trying to schedule more local matches to remain within a budget that is much smaller than at schools with large athletics programs. It’s unfortunate that the fuel crisis has made it so difficult for sports teams to play across the nation.

Thumbs Up: Politically involved students

The busy election season is well under way, and GW students have been involved on all levels across the country. Whether they are attending conventions, going door to door for candidates or helping to get out the vote, students are making the most of their front-row seat to this historic election. It’s easy to forget sometimes how privileged we are to witness these events and live in the nation’s capital, but hopefully the next few months will be a fantastic reminder.

Thumbs Sideways: Dulles Metro line

When Metro’s new Silver Line is finished, it will connect D.C. to locations in Virginia like Tysons Corner and Dulles International Airport. The good news is that it will make going out to the mall at Tysons Corner or heading home via Dulles far more convenient. The bad news is that the project, which has been in progress for years, is millions of dollars short of its fundraising needs and its construction dates have been pushed back to 2009 from the planned 2007 start. The word is that the line will be finished in 2015, but we’re not holding our breath.

Thumbs Up: Black sororities expanding

The Multicultural Greek Council is aiming to increase the presence of black sororities on campus. The founding of all-black sororities on campus stemmed from a racial incident in the 1960s in which black women were deliberately misinformed about recruitment dates and excluded. It bodes well for GW’s Greek-letter community that the scars of the past have healed and that the MGC is looking to expand its involvement with other Greek-letter organizations on campus.

Thumbs Down: Hippogate ’08

With this month’s confusion over the hippo’s place at GW, we as a university learned what happens when communication goes awry both between the press and the administration and within the administration itself.

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