Letter to the Editor: Slice of ignorance

Slice of ignorance

I was deeply offended by the Slice of Life column (“Got drunk? Who’s to blame?” Sept. 22, p. 6). If the author wanted to write a piece comparing drinking habits in Europe to binging on U.S. campuses, blaming rape victims seems a rather odd and inappropriate way to do it. When will people – men and women – understand that under the law, one party’s inability to give consent to a sexual act constitutes rape?

In our society, from movies such as “Superbad” all the way down to campus Greek-letter life, the prevailing idea is that one great way for men to “score” with women is to get them so drunk they will lose their inhibitions. This has had the consequence of making intoxicated women seem like “fair game.” She’s too drunk to stand up? Looks like she’s about to pass out? She’s actually passed out on the floor? Eh, she won’t even remember in the morning anyway! That is rape.

Women often don’t report these acts exactly because of the bias in the column – they think it was their fault or they are embarrassed over not being sure what happened. Perhaps they fear retribution from police for being drunk underage or fear retribution from their fellow students.

I can’t tell you how many students over the past few weeks have complained that these incidents are going to “screw up our rush week” and give certain fraternities a “bad reputation.” How incredibly insensitive. I doubt the author’s heart truly goes out to these women who had the bravery to come forward. I hope one day The Hatchet will have the bravery to investigate sexual assault on campus with the same tenacity it brought when investigating our hippo/Colonial mascot mix-up. Take Back the Night and Violence Against Women awareness week are coming up. The ball is in your court.

Emily Morrison, Senior

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