CDs celebrate kick-off with Minnesota senator

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A last-minute vote in the Senate forced the College Democrats to alter their plans to have Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., address their organization for their kick-off event Wednesday night.

Instead, Klobuchar scheduler Abigail Collazo facilitated a speakerphone discussion with the senator while students called out questions on a variety of topics. Klobuchar, a freshman senator, began her telephoned remarks with her emphatic support for Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barrack Obama.

“I know that we need a real leader in the White House,” Klobuchar said. “It’s been impossible to get through the filibusters and the obstacles.”

She said the Obama campaign has been much more frank than the Republicans during the election.

The senator said the Democratic presidential nominee used controversies, like his inflammatory former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright, as opportunities to lead. She added that the Republicans spent too much effort attacking Obama for his comment that choosing vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin for the Republicans was like “putting lipstick on a pig.”

“Instead of running ads about lipstick, he’s running a two-minute ad talking to the American people,” she said, referring to Obama’s new commercial about the economy.

Klobuchar stressed the importance of getting out the youth vote in November, talking to friends, and staying involved.

“It’s about students willing to come out and listen to someone on a speakerphone,” she said.

One student asked about the Minnesota Congressional elections in November. Klobuchar said she has campaigned for all of the Democratic candidates, including Al Franken, who is running for Minnesota’s other Senate seat.

“The Washington Post says I’m the funniest new member in Congress, and if Al Franken comes along, I’m going to have to give it up,” Klobuchar joked.

Freshman Adam Humayan said he was impressed with Klobuchar’s remarks.
“It was nice to hear from a senator, unscripted,” Humayan said. “I was impressed with her knowledge of her home state’s politics, given the number of districts. I’m proud to be part of this organization.”

GW CD President Corey Struble said he was very grateful that Klobuchar’s staff was so flexible at the last minute.

“She showed that she does care about students,” said Struble, a senior. “We’re not voting in Minnesota, but she called us ten feet from the Senate floor.”

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