Fenty says Stevens will not be sold

Thursday, June 26

The city will not sell Stevens Elementary School or the land surrounding the 140-year-old building after it closes this summer, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty said Tuesday night at a Foggy Bottom Association meeting at St. Stephen the Martyr Church.

The mayor said the city might lease the property at 21st and L streets or use it for municipal purposes. Of the 24 schools facing closure, one will be turned into a police station and another school will be converted into community housing, he said.

“The building will not be sold if the District of Columbia will still continue to own it,” Fenty said. “There may be some development on the parking lot, but we will not sell it.”

He assured concerned residents that his office will work with the community to choose a mutually conducive use for the space. Community members can submit formal request forms, which will be reviewed by the city before a decision is made on the Stevens property.

The District has faced an fierce battle against the neighborhood since D.C. officials announced in November that the school would close. Residents and Stevens parents have organized protests and several meetings to express their displeasure with the District’s decision.

“One of the pleasures of this area is walking by the school yard and seeing the kids play,” Schecter said. “I think we need this aspect of life and keep Stevens where it is, doing what it’s doing.”

ANC Commissioner Dorothy Miller said she would be happy as long as the building is not leased to the University.

“Just not to GW. Just not to GW,” she said as the mayor spoke.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Fenty attended an FBA meeting. He addressed Foggy Bottom residents twice as a city council member and last year as mayor.

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