Best of the Crime Log

Whether you are allegedly having sex with a tree or urinating in public, remember local police are always around the corner. Here are the most notable run-ins with the law from last year.


10/14/07 – The Dakota – 3:08 a.m. – case closed

A male student reported he was asleep when his roommate entered the room and began punching him. University Police Department officers arrived on the scene and the complainant said he wanted to press assault charges against his intoxicated roommate. The Metropolitan Police Department arrived to review the case, but they did not issue a report. The subject was assessed for his medical condition and then sent to GW Hospital for treatment.
– Referred to Student Judicial Services

2/2/08 – Guthridge Hall – 8:45 p.m. – case open

MPD responded to a complaint from a student in the residence hall who said a female had come to the complainant’s room and aggressively banged on the door. When the owner of the room opened the door, the suspect pushed her way into the room and picked up a knife and threatened the student with it. She then left the room and the building, and began knocking the taillights out of the complainant’s car with a baseball bat. The subject, who is unaffiliated with the University, fled the scene before officers arrived. The complainant said she would not press charges.
– Referred to MPD

2/9/08 – Thurston Hall – 2:40 a.m. – case closed

UPD responded to an incident involving two male roommates who became engaged in an argument that led to a physical dispute. During the altercation, one individual bit the other on the arm. By the time officers arrived, the individual who had bit the other had fled the scene. Once he was found in the building, he was arrested for simple assault and transported by MPD to the Second District station. The injured student refused medical treatment.
– Subject arrested

Lewd and Obscene Acts

10/15/07 – Marvin Center – 8:35 p.m. – case closed

UPD officers responded to an anonymous tip about a male individual who appeared to be masturbating. Officers approached the student, who claimed he was merely talking on his cell phone. He was cautioned about having his hands down his pants in public and was told to leave the area.
– Referred to SJS

4/11/08 – University parking garage – 7:45 p.m. – case closed

UPD officers on patrol observed a man and a woman engaging in sexual acts in a vehicle parked in an upper level of the garage. Officers stopped the two subjects and verified their identities. They were not affiliated with the University.
– Subjects barred from campus

Disorderly Conduct

10/28/07 – University Mall – 12:53 a.m. – case closed

UPD officers observed a female individual urinating next to a GW building. When they approached her, the woman explained that she could not wait to use the bathroom. The individual was unaffiliated with the University.
– Subject barred from campus


11/03/07 – Meriwether Hall – 4:10 a.m. – case closed

A female student reported to UPD that she found a used condom outside of her door. The complainant also told officers that an unknown individual was writing her messages saying, “I hate you.” She said she believes the harassment has to do with a previous roommate conflict. Officers encouraged her to report any further harassment.
– Referred to SJS

Drug Law Violation

11/11/07 – Mitchell Hall – 11:40 p.m. – case closed

A UPD officer responded to a report of a suspicious odor coming from a room. The officer knocked on the door and when no one answered, he entered the room and witnessed a male individual throwing a jar of marijuana out of the window. The community director was contacted to perform an administrative search and marijuana was found in the room. About 1.6 grams of marijuana were confiscated.
– Referred to SJS


11/30/07 – Health and Wellness Center – 4 p.m. – case closed

When a male individual not affiliated with GW entered the building, staff members told him he could not use the gym facilities. The individual became angry and threatened to slap the employees before UPD officers arrived on the scene.
– Subject barred from campus

Sex Offense

2/15/08 – 22nd and I streets – 11 a.m. – case closed

UPD officers responded to a report of indecent exposure. A witness said a male individual was touching himself inappropriately and appeared to be having sex with a tree. The subject told officers he was just going to the bathroom. MPD officials arrived and took the individual into custody. They transported him to D.C. General Hospital for observation.
– Referred to MPD

Disorderly Conduct

2/16/08 – Off Campus – 1:40 a.m. – case closed

A UPD supervisor received a call from a uniformed Secret Service agent who reported finding a male GW student urinating on a car near the White House. The student was released from Secret Service custody.
– Referred to SJS

Assault on an Officer

2/24/08 – Building JJ – 2:39 a.m. – case closed

UPD officers responded to a disturbance coming from a room. The eight occupants admitted they had been drinking and said they were just wrestling and “playing around.” All but one of them was underage. As officers escorted one male subject to a car, he kicked one of them, head-butted the vehicle and attempted to head-butt another officer. The subject’s legs had to be restrained and he proceeded to rub his face against the asphalt on the road, yelling that the officers were hurting him. After receiving treatment at GW Hospital for the self-inflicted scratches on his face, he was taken to the MPD Second District police station for processing.
– Subject arrested

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