Court orders University to release names of downloaders

Friday, May 2, 4:07 p.m.

A federal court ordered the University Monday to release the names of 19 anonymous students who are being sued by the recording industry for illegal music downloading.

The Recording Industry Associates of America subpoenaed GW this October for the names of several students – identified by their IP addresses – who they said were illegally sharing music. One of the students anonymously tried to dismiss the RIAA’s complaint and subpoena, but the motion was denied Monday.

The school will reveal the names by May 12, if there are no other attempts to nullify the subpoena, University spokesperson Michelle Sherrard said. They are currently in the process of notifying the students involved.

The subpoena requires the University to provide names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses to the court.

Sherrard said the students will have until May 9 to make any further motions to dismiss the subpoena.

“After complying with the subpoena . the University does not expect have a further role in this case,” Sherrard wrote.

Cara Duckworth, a spokesperson for the RIAA, said she anticipated the court’s decision.

“I’d have to say that motions to quash are routinely denied by the courts, and we think this decision speaks to the strength of our cases,” Duckworth said.

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