Blind Date: A date too late

After four years at GW, seniors Nicole Wetherell and Mark Levy thought they knew almost everyone in the class of 2008 – until they met each other on a blind date. Though the date was a success, Commencement is only a few weeks away and the pair may never meet again.

NICOLE SAYS: I went on one blind date before when I was pretty young – a freshman in high school. This one went much better than my last one. I just wanted to have fun and keep an open mind, so meeting someone new for a nice dinner sounded good to me.

I had fun. It was a good time. We kept the conversation going and the food was great. I told him that fried rice was my favorite thing at the restaurant, so he got the fried rice. I decided to try something new, so I got the chicken curry and it was delicious.

It was nice to meet someone new with a completely different bunch of friends than me. I thought I knew most of the people in my class, but we only have one friend in common on Facebook.

As a blind date, I had no idea who would show up to sit across from me. It wound up being someone I got along with really well.

It was a lot of fun. I would go on another date with him. If he called, I would go.

I would give the date an A.

MARK SAYS: This was my first blind date. I was excited; I thought it would be pretty good. If a person signed up for it, it would be because they would want to go on a blind date.

My first impression was that she was really easygoing, which is something I look for. We hit it off right away. We sat down and got to know each other and talked for a while before we got dinner. She was great – really nice. She ordered this curry dish with spinach and she was a little worried cause we’re both not really fans of spicy food. We had a slice of chocolate cake together for dessert.

My favorite part of the date was the first little while when we sat down, had a drink and got to know each other. It was cool to meet a senior, someone new.

I thought it was a fun date – really energetic. I think we clicked. I don’t know if we will go on another date since graduation is in a week and a half, but, yeah, I would like to.

I would give the date an A-.


Name: Nicole Wetherell

Year: Senior

Age: 22

Hometown: Long Island, N.Y.

Major: Journalism and International Affairs

Name: Mark Levy

Year: Senior

Age: 23

Hometown: Rockville, Md.

Major: International Affairs

What is your ideal first date?

Nicole: Something low key. I like dinner as a first date and probably a walk after – some way to actually talk and get to know the other person.

Mark: Nothing too crazy would happen and the girl would be nice. I would like to have a good a conversation and have enough to talk about.

What do you look for in a person?

Nicole: Someone who is honest and is not trying to be someone else just to be impressive. A person you can laugh with and just have fun with.

Mark: Someone who is honest, caring and can definitely laugh and have a good time.

What are your own interests?

Nicole: I’m involved in theater here at GW. I’ve been in a few plays and musicals. I really like movies. I like doing community service – I was involved in a journalism community service program.

Mark: I like building things and I love craftsmanship. I really enjoy hiking, and I have a Jeep that I take out to go camping and on trails. I also play in an ice hockey league with my dad and my brother.

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