Letter to the Editor

Headline deters incoming students

I am writing in regard to the article “Intelligent Students Decrease” (April 17, p. 1), that was featured on the front page of last Thursday’s paper. I personally feel that it was extremely bad timing to put such an article on the front page, as it was the most available newspaper to all of the students, including myself, who visited campus from Friday to Monday (some of the last accepted-student visit days before statements of intent are due).

I believe what might make the intelligent students decrease at GW having an article like this in plain sight of parents and incoming students. I received a Presidential Academic merit scholarship to GW, but am now subconsciously considering other schools because of the article. I want a class next year that will be intelligent, and this article has not helped to convince me that GW will provide me with that opportunity.

I do not mean to be harsh, but am upset that this could have lead other prospective students to decline admission at GW, especially those who did not see the counterpoint featured in a staff editorial in the middle of another day’s paper.

Rohan Batra, Prospective Student

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