Heavy Metal and Evil Invade Washington

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If you ask someone to describe a Behemoth, they might respond with a weird glance, maybe a smirk or snicker, and then a definition along the lines of a mythical creature of superior strength that is mentioned in the Bible. But there exists another Behemoth, not an animal from biblical times, but an extreme metal band from Poland that is awe-inspiring in their own rite. They will play at the 9:30 Club Saturday, April 27th.

Corpse paint, metal spikes, blood, black leather, and lots and lots of headbanging are characteristics of this Behemoth. These guys are definitely not Britney Spears, the Spice Girls or a mellow jam band. Their differences are apparent from the moment they rip the first Bible on stage.

Vocalist and guitarist Adam Darksi goes by the name Nergal – a mythical Babylonian deity who presided over the netherworld, governing the dead. He founded Behemoth in the early 1990s. Born into a society that was impoverished from Soviet communist rule, he said in an interview that “making heavy metal was certainly very difficult.”

“But we accepted this and created this type of music out of personal love and passion,” he said. Coming from an oppressive society, it is no wonder then why Behemoth’s music is so extreme. Nergal vehemently described his need to express himself violently. “For me it is natural to go on stage and emancipate myself though adrenaline, aggression and violence.”

Despite references to the devil in song lyrics, Nergal explains they are of a more atheistic persuasion.

“My views are known. Behemoth’s music is intellectual,” he said. “We are against any form of organized religion that is just forced upon people without questioning.”

Behemoth’s latest release is “The Apostasy” – which means an abandonment of one’s religion. It is fast, in your face, violent, and purely aggressive – of course accompanied by pagan and anti-monotheistic lyrics.

The Polish ‘metalers’ are currently on tour with the band Keep of Kalessin and tour headliners Dimmu Borgir – both of which are Black metal bands from Norway. “This has got to be the fucking most evil package to invade North America,” Nergal exclaimed when asked about the tour. “The lineup is simply amazing.”

“Chaos, intensity, and honesty” are, according to Nergal, what you will experience at the Behemoth show that is coming to the District on April 27. But to all the American Idol and pop star lovers out there; Behemoth and this show will either send you screaming in horror, or actually banging your head and throwing up your horns in a salute to all things heavy metal and perhaps, for some, evil itself.

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