Bar Belle: REVEALED! One hungover honey…

Ron Burgundy has nothing on me, seriously. I am kind of a big deal. And you know what, Ron? People don’t even know my real me. But that is all about to change. Ladies and gentlemen of the George Washington University, amid all your finals and pending graduations I know the one thing on your mind during these fine times is, “Who the hell is the Bar Belle? Wait no longer. Will the real Shannon Toher please stand up. and then fall off the barstool.

Over the past year, I have had a blast reporting on several bars in the greater D.C. area that I feel all you legal drinkers out there need to experience.or stray away from. I’ve had an angry mother in California scorn my reporting, overheard people trashing my overzealous handing out of bells, and here and there gotten a few high fives from friends who didn’t necessarily love my article, but enjoyed a mention of their antics in the column. When life got me down, the Bar Belle column kept my tab up and motivated me to visit places I otherwise probably wouldn’t have been exposed to.

Guys, I have got to say, you need some advice from the bar guru because if there is one thing I have concluded over the school year, it’s that the male population has been slacking. It was near impossible to get free drinks during my quests and I am too fragile right now to ponder over whether or not I was deserving of them. Screw those people who say it’s the 21st century and women should buy their own drinks – no. Free drinks are fabulous and a great way to get the conversation going. Girls pay for birth control, makeup, chocolate and an array of other things. So, boys, I think you can dish out a Lincoln in our honor. We might think you are creepy at first, but just charm us with that college degree and who knows what will happen. Even an approach like, “Hey, how does it feel being the shortest person in this bar?” will sound better when paired with a Miller Lite. (And by the way, since when does five foot four inches make you the shortest person in the bar? )

Looking back on all my rated bars, I can definitely say the ones that stood out were Wonderland Ballroom (best music), Old Dominion Brewhouse (best beer tower), R.F.D (best staff), Fado’s (this is a default winner because when you are an Irish Pub you can really do no wrong) and the drunken wedding (best and only appearance by a celebrity.) Before you graduate you must visit these places, and you might want to get there early because this article is bound to make the people flock. Like I said, I’m a big deal. The people listen to me.

My last words of wisdom are to get out there more often. I can’t tell you how many people I know who have never ventured outside of the Georgetown area to see all the other wonderful parts of this city. Living in D.C. is a privilege that most people our age don’t get. Between Capitol Hill, Adams Morgan, Dupont, Logan Circle, U Street, Northern Virginia, Bethesda, etc. there is so much to see around the District. Sure, it’s great having a local hangout where you can run into the same, familiar crowd – but only when you can compare it to loads of other bars and venues. Go out and have fun, because like they say; these are the best years of our life.

Thanks to all my friends who encouraged me to go drinking even when I thought it was impossible. You are my rolling rocks and the blue moons in my gray skies. Hugs, kisses and high fives.


Your Bar Belle.

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