Staff Editorial: J Street changes do little to alleviate dining problems

Student Association President Nicole Capp announced this week that Sodexho and the University have reached an agreement to allow a rollover policy for students’ mandatory J Street funds. While credit must be given to the SA for negotiating and implementing such a plan, it fails to address the inherent fact that mandatory spending is not acceptable to the student body.

For the first time, freshmen and sophomores have been required to spend an allotted amount of their GWorld funds at J Street eateries – $1,400 per academic year for freshmen and $500 for sophomores. This new policy will no doubt be appreciated by underclassmen with large sums of money remaining on their GWorlds, but the fact that not all of the monies will roll over is cause for concern.

“It won’t be 100 percent (of the required spending money), but I doubt there is one student on this campus who has not spent a dime at the J Street venue,” Capp told The Hatchet. Yet the fact remains many students don’t want to spend even a dime at J Street. Students will not be truly satisfied until they have the freedom to spend their own money on their own terms, whether it be at J Street or one of the many GWorld vendors across D.C.

As this page has stated many times over the course of the year, for J Street to be a successful endeavor it must cater to the students first and foremost. With a narrow variety of food options (especially healthy, Kosher or Halal foods) and hours that do not match many GW students’ schedules, the continual problems plaguing J Street the past few years are hardly mysteries. To ensure success at J Street, administrators must take steps to improve hours, availability on the weekends and quality at all eateries, not just a select few.

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