Gym Class Heroes play GW

Gym Class Heroes lead singer Travis McCoy told a packed house at Smith Center that he planned to “have sex with your ear vaginas” before his band performed for more than an hour Saturday night.

Musical acts Tyga and Kidz in the Hall opened Spring Fling’s concert – which had 400 more attendees than last year. An alternative hip-hop band, Gym Class Heroes, headlined the show. McCoy interacted with the crowd throughout the night and even encouraged students to undress while the band performed “Clothes Off.”

“Some might call me a pervert and think I’m wrong for doing this,” McCoy said. “Usually I don’t do this, but I want to encourage you guys to shed some layers.”

Students threw their lime green Spring Fling t-shirts on stage, as well as a myriad of other clothing items.

The band performed other hit songs including “Cupid’s Chokehold” and “The Queen and I” as well as tracks from their upcoming album which, according to drummer Matt McGinley, is set for an August release.

Freshman Madiha Malik said she enjoyed the performance despite the fact that it was held indoors, adding that “they were amazing” and that the band “got the crowd going really well.”

“The band and openers were awesome, and I think all that attended had a really good time,” said senior Jay Kaplan, PB executive chair. “I’d definitely say this is as good as Spring Fling gets in the Smith Center.”

The band’s performance wrapped up three days of Spring Fling events.

On Thursday, students wearing togas and shopping bags fought sleet and cold temperatures at the “Anything but Clothes Run,” held on the Mount Vernon Campus.

About fifteen students donated money to a school in South Africa for the opportunity to run in the most unusual outfits. Togas were popular among runners, but students also wore bed sheets, Trader Joe’s bags, wallpaper, shower caps and spandex.

“You just gotta love the outfit with the Soapy Joe’s laundry bag,” said Student Association President-elect Vishal Aswani, who judged the event.

Sophomore Chris Hartman said the poor weather did not discourage him from running the race.

“We’ve been training together for years,” said Hartman, who won the race. “We’ve run through snow. This is nothing.”

Many runners’ wardrobes malfunctioned during the race and five students were unable to complete the three laps of the course — two of these individuals got lost.

The second annual Around the World Global Mixer was another popular Spring Fling event. The mixer kicked-off Friday at Townhouse Row and showcased a variety of different food and art from around the world.

Kaplan said, “Everything went really well – I know that the poor weather hurt the Anything But Clothes Race turnout, but the rest of the events that were part of Spring Fling Week were all a success.”

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