Fickle doesn’t do it justice

I know weather is not most exciting topic, but I feel like today has been a good example of the unbelievable fickleness of weather here in Dublin. When I first went outside around noon, it was probably 50 degrees, blue skies, and sunny. My roommate had heard of potential snow today, but we both agreed that the weatherman must have been way off–it wasn’t happening today. Or so we thought.

On the way back to my flat after class, it started to drizzle as I stepped into the supermarket, but I didn’t think much of it, especially considering it was still fairly warm. 5-10 minutes later, as I was waiting in line at the register, I looked out the see-through doors and did a double-take: it wasn’t just snowing, it looked like a blizzard. Big pieces of snow and ice were coming down hard, blowing in the wind. I ran to the cover of the nearest bus stop, waited a minute, then hopped on a bus for about a half-mile to my flat. The ride took about three minutes, but when I got off, it was no longer snowing or sleeting or hailing. In fact, 10 minutes later, the sun came out and clouds went away. It’s now 4:35, slightly overcast and cool, but still sunny.


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