Student arrested at gym

A junior was arrested Friday after she repeatedly tried to enter the Lerner Health and Wellness Center without her GWorld card.

HellWell staff initially told Jennifer Sales she could not enter the gym because she did not have her student identification. She said she then left the building to search for the card, but could not find it.

Police reports state she repeatedly tried to enter the facility without permission. She said she finally entered the adjacent JuiceZone area to eat, which does not require a GWorld.

When the building staff had their backs turned, she said she took an elevator to the fourth floor and began to workout on an elliptical machine. A staff member reported her presence to a gym manager.

“I had my iPod on loud, and a UPD officer tried to get my attention,” she said. “I told him that I would be off in 10 minutes and that I was a GW student.”

The officer then removed her from the machine and arrested her for unlawful entry, UPD Chief Dolores Stafford said. When the officer threatened to arrest her, Sales said she called 911. The Metropolitan Police Department arrived several minutes later.

“The MPD officer said ‘I have some bad news. I’m sorry, I have to arrest you. UPD is pressing charges for unlawful entry,'” Sales said.

After being processed at the Second District station, Sales said she was released several hours later – but officers had already locked up her money and told her she could not access it until the next day. Sales said she called UPD to pick her up, but they said they could not help her.

She said, “I walked a couple miles and then told a cab driver my story to convince him to give me a ride home.”

A court date is scheduled for April 17.

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