Continued Travels and Free Museums

Greetings from Roma. It’s my last night in Italy after about 1 and a half weeks traveling throughout the country.

Coming from Switzerland, I took a train into the hillside towns of Cinque Terre, and made my way to Rome via Pisa, Florence and Siena. Tomorrow I leave for about two weeks in Greece.

Italy was amazing, as I’m sure Diana Kugel’s post conveyed, so I don’t feel any need to describe my endless travels. Hence I will only say a very few things about Italy:

  • It only took one train stop in Italy after crossing the boarder from Switzerland to realize that the two countries hold very different views on “train time.” I have never spent more time waiting for trains then on my travels here in Italy. However, I have also never enjoyed waiting for trains more.
  • After spending less then two weeks in the country I no longer know how to have dinner without red wine, or go an afternoon without gelato. This could get tricky when I leave the Mediterranean.
  • Lastly, we really lucked out – turns out this last week was the first ever Arts Week, meaning that all art museums in the country were free. Hence, I saw the Uffizi and the Academia galleries in Florence and the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the ruins of Palentine Hill in Rome all for no charge. And because no one had to pay for a ticket – not one line in the whole of my Italian travels. So I would only add one things to Diana’s statement about buying a ticket to Italy: buy one for Arts Week next year.

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