The British Educational System

As our web editor kindly pointed out to me a few days ago, it has been a while since my last post, and as I kindly pointed out back to him, that is because I have been extremely busy finishing up everything that is due before the year is over.

See, here at the LSE, we are in our last week of classes; and no, I do not mean until after spring break. Today, at the beginning of March, was my last full week of school in my Junior year.

But before you get jealous, let me point out that this fact doesn’t mean that I am done with school. On the contrary, I now have until May to study for exams, which make up 100% of my grades and span material starting from the beginning of October.

Not so jealous anymore, are you?

The LSE has a completely different educational system from GW. Here we take 4 courses that span two 10-week terms, one from October to December and one from January to March. After our 2nd term we get six weeks off for spring break, and then come back for the Summer Term – a 10-week term that technically goes until July, yet includes no new material, few classes, and in reality ends after you finish your exams around May.

Not having taken an exam since Freshman year, I think I’m in for a interesting ride.

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