Blind Date: An awkward goodbye

Two freshmen from so-called different worlds – Madison Hall and Thurston Hall – met up at Miss Saigon in Georgetown on Thursday night. Andy Russo and Angela Markovic bonded over their love of the New York Giants while fending off text messages from curious friends.

Date Bios

Name: Angela Markovic
Year: Freshman
Age: 18
Hometown: Yorktown, N.Y.

Name: Andy Russo

Year: Freshman
Age: 18
Hometown: Frederick, Md.

What is your ideal first date?

Markovic: A cool first date is a football game or baseball game and then dinner.

Russo: My ideal first date would be a dinner where I can get to know the person. Then it would be followed by an activity like a concert or movie.

What do you look for in a person?

Markovic: I look for intelligence, for someone to be funny and have charisma.

Russo: Mostly a good sense of humor. Someone who is down to earth and easy to talk to.

What are your own interests?

Markovic: I’m into dancing and sports. I’ve been cheerleading since age six and I used to play softball.

Russo: I’m interested in listening to and playing music, creative writing and ultimate frisbee. I play guitar and ukulele, mostly self-taught, and I play for the G-Dub Ultimate team.


This was my first blind date, which made it kind of awkward at first. I did it because I thought it would be a funny thing to do – not to find someone to have a relationship with. After I met Andy the date went well and he was really nice. It wasn’t awkward after we started talking.

Over dinner we talked about where we were living on campus because I live in Thurston and he lives in Madison, and they are completely different worlds. We chatted about how we liked our roommates and about our hometowns. I found that we both liked the New York Giants.

I’d give the date an A because I had a good time. I could see us being friends, but probably wouldn’t pursue a second date.


This was 100 percent my first blind date and it was a little bit exciting. It was a little nervewracking, but in a good way.

At Miss Saigon it took a while to get our food, so we got to know each other. We talked about where we were from, our interests and the recent drug raids in Thurston. Actually, we also talked about making up some ridiculous story for The Hatchet to publish, about Angela saving someone at the restaurant from choking. And of course all of our friends were sending us text messages at same time, wanting to know how the date was going.

I would rate the date a B+. We had pretty good chemistry and walked back to campus along the waterfront, which was nice. There wasn’t anything particularly bad or good about it, but I thought we could have done more afterwards. The end of the date was awkward: it was just, ‘alright, I’m going that way, bye,’ so I wish there was more.

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