Do you live with the best mate?

1 Do you go to sleep.

a) Early. Sleep is really important for doing well in school, and it doesn’t hurt my beauty either.
b) In the middle. Depending on how much work I have and if I feel like doing it, or if I’d rather hang out with friends.
c) Late. I can’t go to sleep before 2 a.m. I procrastinate until then whether I’m doing work, listening to music or talking to friends, and I just go to sleep when I feel like it.

2 When you study you need.

a) Peace and quiet. I can’t concentrate unless it’s silent around me, otherwise I get distracted and can’t study well.
b) Background noise, but not too loud. I like to study in a Starbucks or in Kogan Plaza because it is a relaxed environment. Taking a break and looking around keeps me focused.
c) Nothing. I can study anywhere, anytime – noisy or quiet.

3 You like to eat dinner.

a) In the room. Cooking and making food for myself is fun and it saves money rather than eating out every night.
b) Delivery style. I can’t cook and it’s the lazy person’s out-to-dinner.
c) Out. I study and sit in class all day and dinner is my one time in the day to be with friends and be social.

4 You clean.

a) Every day. I am a neat freak and need to have my clothes folded, bed made and floor spotless.
b) Every so often. I don’t mind my room being messy but I will clean up once in a while just to remind myself that I’m a decent human being.
c) Never. I don’t care about how my things look to other people. I throw my stuff on the floor and if it stays there, it stays there.

5 I go out.

a) Zero to one time per week. I don’t like getting too drunk because the next day I can’t be productive and I always have a lot to do. I don’t need to be intoxicated to have fun.
b) One to three times per week. I like going out and being social because it breaks the week up and allows me to have some fun. I do stay home to study when I need to, and I also don’t mind just kicking back and watching a movie with friends.
c) Seven days a week. I only go to college once and I am living it up in every way possible.

6 You like to entertain.

a) All the time. I love having people over and having them enjoy my company, food and music.
b) Sometimes. I like having people over but I also like to go to my friends’ places and experience the way they live and entertain. It’s nice to get a sense of others’ lives.
c) Never. I don’t need to have people coming into my living space and seeing my personal things and possibly stealing things.

7 You listen to music.

a) Rarely. I’ll listen to my iPod at the gym and on the way to class, but loud music coming out of speakers gives me a headache and disturbs others.
b) Often. I love my iPod but I also love filling the environment with my favorite tunes.
c) Incessantly. There isn’t a moment in the day when I’m not thinking about, listening or playing music. The type of music depends on my mood. I can’t live without music.

8 You watch TV.

a) Rarely. I feel like I’m killing my brain cells and wasting my precious time when I could be doing something productive.
b) Sometimes. I have a few shows that I watch and if I have nothing else to do I’ll sit down and watch for a half hour or so.
c) All the time. I have two TV shows per night that I must watch or else I can’t function. I also love sitting on the couch for hours flipping through the channels.

9 You talk on the phone.

a) When people call me. I don’t have time to sit for hours talking about nothing.
b) When I feel like it. I like to sit and catch up with friends at other schools and my family. But I can’t get a BlackBerry, I don’t want to become a “phone person.”
c) Every second. I have a BlackBerry and I couldn’t live without it. Anyone who doesn’t have one is living in the stone ages.

10 You spend money.

a) Very sparingly. I am in college and this is supposed to be practice for the real world. Even though I get a little help from mom and dad, I still like to be responsible with my own money.
b) Normally. I won’t buy a $300 outfit, but I’ll spend money if I need to. I don’t want to change my lifestyle until I graduate.
c) Like it is water. Why be cheap now when after I graduate I’m going to have to actually use my own money?

If you chose:

Mostly A’s: You’re a neat freak, a frugal spender and responsible with schoolwork. You belong on campus in a quiet room with someone who will respect your studying and sleeping habits. You like to have fun, but in a mellow way because schoolwork is very important to you.

Mostly B’s: You’re a fun, social and studious person. You do everything in moderation and can get along easily with most people. You belong on or off campus, because most environments suit you since you can study mostly anywhere.

Mostly C’s: You’re a crazy, “you only live once” type of person. You need to find someone as loud, social and messy as you, which may not be easy. You belong off campus- you don’t want to be restricted by those dorm quiet hours.

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