Greek Brief: Theta Delta Chi members sit on couches to support cancer

The Theta Delta Chi fraternity raised money for cancer research without even getting up from the couch.

The fraternity’s recent “Couch Potatoes for Cancer” fundraising event involved members of the fraternity sitting on a couch they set up in Kogan Plaza and asking for donations from passers-by.

The event was held last Friday and Monday with help from the Sigma Kappa sorority, and the fraternity raised slightly more than the $500 fundraising goal the members set before the event, said Michah Lubens, president of Theta Delta Chi. Donations are going to support the V Foundation for Cancer, the fraternity’s national philanthropy.

Lubens said Friday’s bad weather helped worked in their favor as many passersby donated out of pity for the brothers sitting outside in the cold.

“We got a lot of money on Friday – more than we expected – because the weather was so bad. I wish it was a little colder now, we’d get more pity,” he said. The brothers even brought a television outside and played Guitar Hero to pass the time while collecting donations, Lubens said.

The “couch potato” idea came from an event the fraternity had organized in 2004 and 2005 that the current members decided to repeat.

“We’ve had a few brothers, present and past, who know someone who’s either passed away from cancer, or had it cured,” Lubens said. “It’s a good event to do for the community, and we’re having fun out here.”

This event marks the fraternity’s attempt to reinvigorate their philanthropic efforts after a period of little action, they said.

“We haven’t been doing (philanthropic) events for the last few years because of a lack of leadership, a lack of motivation,” Lubens said. “We’ve been sort of in a bad period, trying to rebuild ourselves on campus. It really was a lack of good leadership, and we’re sort of in a rebuilding phase.”

The fraternity hopes to establish-couch potatoes for cancer as an annual event and continue expanding their philanthropic work.

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