Aswani, Kozlowski to run-off for presidency; Boyer wins EVP

Friday, Feb. 29, 2:15 a.m.

The Student Association presidential race will continue a runoff election between SA Sen. Vishal Aswani (SEAS-U) and SA Sen. Kevin Kozlowski (U-at-Large), while the race for SA executive vice president concluded with sophomore Kyle Boyer defeating the two other EVP candidates.

Aswani, a junior, garnered 37.2 percent while Kozlowski received 30.3 percent of the more than 4,180 votes cast, according to the Joint Elections Committee. Boyer won 53.4 percent of the more than 3,822 votes cast for the EVP election, said the JEC.

“We’ve got a runoff against one hell of an opponent,” said Aswani nearly in tears. “As you guys saw, Kevin got 30 percent of the vote. He’s an amazing individual and he brings a lot to the table.”

Kozlowski, a junior, thanked the students who supported him in the election.

“I want to thank the thousands of students who came out to vote,” Kozlowski said. “I think it’s clear that I am the only student who can continue on with the progress of Nicole and Brand and I am here to represent all students next year.”

Presidential candidate Tarek Al-Hariri, who won about 6 percent of the vote, said he would support Aswani in the run-off election on March 12 and March 13.

“I believe that Vishal will do a great job,” said Al-Hariri, a sophomore. “I would be honored to be on his cabinet.”

Presidential candidate SA Sen. OG Oyiborhoro (CCAS-U), who was running a write-in candidacy, quickly left the Marvin Center’s Grand Ballroom after the announcement of the election results and would not comment on his loss.

Boyer, the SA’s assistant vice president of community affairs, said he appreciated the votes he garnered.

“It’s a good night for the winner, always,” Boyer said. “Its very rare for either of the executives to reach the 40 percent threshold (needed to win). I’m honored, I’m humbled, I feel really good and we’ll see where it goes.”

EVP candidate SA Sen. Ted O’Neil (ESIA-U), who garnered about 27 percent of the vote, congratulated Boyer on his victory.

“He ran a great campaign, and he will be a great vice president,” said O’Neil, a sophomore, in a news release. “This was a hard fought race, and Kyle and Raven Burnett both made this a great experience.”

Freshman Raven Burnett, who was running for SA EVP, was not present at the ballot counting and could not be reached for comment.

Sophomore Tiffany Meehan defeated junior Kate Prescott for chair of Program Board with 54.4 percent of more than 3,504 votes cast.

Sophomore Elissa Davis, a sophomore, won PB vice chair with 63.7 percent of more than 3,115 votes cast, defeating sophomore Callie Meserole.

The election results are not official and will be certified by the JEC on Friday.

Andrew Ramonas contributed to this report.

Newsroom: more preliminary results.

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