Tiffany Meehan for Program Board chair

With two experienced candidates in the running for Program Board chair, the contest comes down to who can effectively critique the organization’s weaknesses while building on its successes. Tiffany Meehan exhibits the creativity and the knowledge necessary to enhance PB’s presence on campus.

Meehan’s experiences in the music world, from managing a band to serving as PB concerts chair, can help make GW the epicenter of music that students long to see.

While PB sponsors a variety of events, the prevalent student concern is the large-scale musical programming: Fall Fest and Spring Fling. Meehan’s focus on this aspect of student life makes best use of the group’s limited resources and explores the most highly anticipated avenue of programming.

Meehan’s platform focuses on promoting the return of large-scale concerts with headliners that will attract more students and publicity to the University. Her proposal is realistic, as she has appropriately gauged the hurdles in her way, specifically the space crunch on campus. Meehan focuses on overcoming these problems through aggressive pursuit of more programming time at Smith Center, as well as partnerships with off-campus corporations.

Her experience as a band manager provides Meehan credible financial management skills and endows her with the personality necessary to facilitate negotiations with brand name musical acts. She has spearheaded the popular independent band concert series on campus through a partnership with WRGW.

While Meehan cannot ignore the multiple branches of PB, it is appropriate for her to cut smaller, less-attended events in order to make larger events possible.

Meehan’s sole opponent, Kate Prescott, brings a similar amount of experience, having worked in different aspects of the organization for three years. She did impress this page.

Prescott’s current position as executive vice chair of the Program Board suggests that she has the experience but shows that she may continue the pattern of smaller programs instead of meeting the much larger wants of the student body.

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