Study Break: Caffé

For an international atmosphere during an afternoon of studying, check out the coffee house Caffé – a European environment that is sure to get your cultural juices flowing before that French midterm or fine arts final.

Caffé is located a short distance from campus, but can also be found in 110 countries serving up Illy coffee to loyal customers and new comers alike. The coffee house began making its way across the world in 1934, when the business first began.

Coffee and international appeal are not the only assets Caffé has to offer. Situated in the M Street Renaissance Hotel, the atmosphere provides an optimal place to meet with friends and also the perfect place to study.


With two spacious rooms to accommodate study groups big and small, Caffe’s modern décor and upbeat music add a certain touch to the already-charming ambiance.

The warm-colored couches and chairs are sprinkled with throw pillows for that extra bit of relaxation needed when trying to keep up that GPA.

Lined with paintings and delightful light fixtures, the walls provide a sense of privacy that allows some peace and quiet for studiers, business meetings or whoever decides to drop in to have a drink.

The staff trains for two weeks prior to their employment to ensure they are well-versed in the area of high quality service and first-rate coffee.

“It is fashioned after an Italian coffee house,” manager John Eddleman said. “It is as if you are in Italy. You can take shots of espresso at the stand-up bar.”

Eddleman explained that Caffé originated from the idea of international travel, and he definitely wanted to be something different than Starbucks. His intention behind the smooth coffee was to remind people of their travels around the world.

“It is something unique to appeal to the international travel set, such as the World Bank,” he said. “We have a man who lives on 14th Street and he comes in for coffee every day. He walks by four Starbucks to come here.”

How well you’ll study:

Because the room is so large, you will not have trouble finding a seat and there are plenty of seating arrangements to accommodate even the most unusual study preferences.

Whether immersed in textbooks or reading notes on a laptop, you’ll have no trouble concentrating in this serenely placid coffee shop.

The busiest hours are in the morning, so in the evening you are guaranteed more tranquility, the staff said.

“I come here a lot,” said Gina Zizzo, a national sales manager in D.C. on business. “It’s very relaxing.”


Caffé offers wireless to customers at a fee.


Caffé is just a short walk from campus, so don’t worry about carrying heavy books too far when making your way over.

Caffé is located at 1433 New Hampshire Ave. NW is open every day from 6:30 a.m.-8 p.m.

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