Thursday’s Scene: Grace Potter, Charlie Bartlett, Mute Math, and more!

Hope everyone got a chance to see today’s Arts page The Scene. By the way, I’m sure you’ll notice the fresh new look to our print page– all thanks to one of the newest additions of the Hatchet’s production staff, Alex Abnos (if you can’t get the print edition, download the .pdf version from the Hatchet’s homepage.) A few facts about Alex Abnos:

  • Plays in a band called “Tut Tut” – once featured on NPR’s “Second Stage” series. (Click Here to check it out.)
  • Hosts a weekly radio show on WRGW, “Undeclared Rock”– featuring interviews and live in-studio performances by local D.C. musicians and bands. (Click Here to listen to his podcasts of the show.)
  • Interns at USA Today
  • Is a bona-fide bad-ass with Adobe Creative Suite CS3

And Now: Videos! Videos! Videos! Including the lovely Grace Potter, a preview of “Charlie Bartlett,” and a music video from Mute Math. Videos after the jump.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals: (Website)
At last year’s SXSW music festival in Austin, TX (which we’ll be back at in March!), we caught Grace Potter’s showcase. She closed the bar down, but refused to stop singing even after the sound crew put away the microphones and wrapped up the stage. She came back and sang, whiskey in hand, with a member of her band playing acoustic guitar and wailed! Be sure to check her out at 9:30 Club this weekend if you can. Also, check out the rest of our video coverage from SXSW 2007 here.

Charlie Bartlett: Preview (Click Here for official movie website.)

Mute Math: (Website) This rock band from New Orleans is a trip. Watch the music video for their song, “Typical” – which was shot entirely backwards (the band members played and sang backwards while the film recorded forwards) – and then the film was played backwards after that… pretty cool.

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