Sergio Gor: Coulter criticism undeserved

The Young America’s Foundation is proud to be hosting Ann Coulter at our university. I recognize that some at this institution may disagree with her opinions. However, no one student or organization has a monopoly on who may speak at GW.

I welcome Ann Coulter in the spirit of intellectual discussion. I also welcome those who disagree with her opinions to come, listen and maybe even learn a few things. We are blessed at GW to be able to offer our students such a wide variety of high-profile conservative events. The conservative voice on campus has never been stronger thanks to the GW-Young America’s Foundation. Students should not come to an immediate unfavorable conclusion about a conservative speaker because it is the progressive thing to do around campus.

Everyone was assuming that when David Horowitz came to GW last fall to raise awareness about the problem of Islamo-Fascism, that it would be a message of hatred and bigotry, which ended up not being the case at all. He was spot-on with his intellectually honest message about the threat. In the end, the debate coalesced about the validity of an intellectually accurate politically incorrect hyphenated word. If the message is correct, if there is a valid reason for it, who cares whether something is labeled Islamo-Fascist or Islamo-Extremist or Islamo-Jihadist. From an intellectual side, speakers such as David Horowitz and Ann Coulter clearly win the debate, so why not look past angry liberal talking points and listen to their words?

Ann Coulter and the Young America’s Foundation are more than happy to discuss the issues without resorting to attacks, but rarely do liberal lunatics come to an event such as Ann Coulter with the intent of learning or listening with an open mind. Coulter thrives on a well-founded debate, but usually liberals don’t want to do anything but throw pies and run.

The writer, a senior majoring in international affairs and political science, is the president of the GW Young America’s Foundation chapter.

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