It’s a blog, ‘yo.

Well, it’s official. The Scene is now online, in blog form. Right now we’re a little bit psyched, a little bit scared, and also a little bit uncertain of what it is exactly that we’re doing here on this system of tubes known as the Internet Machine.

We know that we can do the following:

  • Tell you about up-to-date events happening all around GW, D.C. and beyond that might be of interest to you kids.
  • Post follow-up material on bands, artists and other events we cover in The Scene, including video interviews, concert footage, photos, streaming and downloadable music clips from artists we cover – the works, baby.
  • Rant. (Because that’s what you’re supposed to do on these things anyway, right?)
  • Rave. (Okay, that’s enough…)

We also know that:

  • You now have another distraction while at work or on your laptop in class (Go GWireless!!!)
  • You can post comments! Yes! You have a voice!
  • While we have some idea about what we’re doing, we also have no idea what we’re doing. So please, bear with us while we learn how to do this stuff all proper-like.

For an idea of what this page might look like, check out our blog coverage from SXSW (that’s South by South West) festival in Austin, Texas last year. ( We’ll be back this year, of course, so let us know in the comments if you will be, too.

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