CVS In Tower Records Space

We reported this morning that the University is in talks with CVS pharmacy to possibly move into the space formerly occupied by Tower Records at 2000 Penn. It’s been several months since the record store moved out, and the two-floor venue remains empty. This is some of the most valuable real estate the University owns (The total value of the whole 2000 Penn is about $140 million according to city records.), and putting a new partner in there is certainly not a small decision.

The Student Association pushed for a Barnes and Noble, but the administration said the floor space available in 2000 Penn would not accommodate their needs.


Last night while we were working on the story, I generated this map of CVS locations near campus (courtesy of Google Maps). This map is not complete, but it nonetheless provides a good idea of the concentration of CVS near campus.

I want to pose this question to you, the readers: Are there too many, or would a new CVS in the heart of campus be convenient?

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