The Pulse: Gauging GW’s reactions to today’s issues

With the 2008 election season hitting its prime, The Pulse hit the street to see what GW students are looking for in the next president.

“My most important issues are education, healthcare and the environment. We should be moving more towards these moral issues that are less divisive and that people can agree on.”

Josh Barocas, Medical student

“I want someone who is willing to exit Iraq and realize that there is no military solution. That is first and foremost. We need the type of leader who can change Washington, someone who is non-partisan and who doesn’t have an ‘us v. them’ mentality.”

Adam White, Law student

“My most important issue is foreign policy. We are so linked to the rest of the world and yet we don’t understand the rest of the world. No candidate really wants to make the hard decisions. They don’t seem to understand how powerful an impact the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has on the Middle East. Solving that would help to make advancements in other fronts around the region.”

Tyler Nielson, Senior, international affairs

“Someone who will really tackle the Middle East issue. I want someone who will not go to war with Iran, someone who will focus more on diplomacy as opposed to military action.”

Jessica Simon, Non-degree student

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