Letter to the Editor

Coulter visit not welcome

I am disgusted to read that the GW Young America’s Foundation will be bringing Ann Coulter to our school (Jan. 22, A1). I am admittedly a Democrat and am liberally inclined. I am also a proponent of free speech and hearing both sides of an issue.

I empathize with the conservatives at GW if they feel that they are not adequately represented. However, bringing in a woman who supposedly represents the conservative movement by purposely stoking the flames of racial and ethnic hatred, homophobia and all varieties of close-mindedness in order to become a “star of the speaker’s circuit,” as the president of YAF stated, seems to not only offend those of us who don’t hate our fellow GW students, but also to marginalize those conservatives who are not racist, anti-Semitic or homophobic.

The YAF is perfectly within its rights to condone Coulter’s vicious views by inviting her here, but I hope that GW students show her that her brand of “entertainment” is not welcome.

Josh Kiss, Senior

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