This month in live music

Get your agendas out and pencils ready, oh sweet, hip and sophisticated GW kids. Between a hefty-tight schedule of drinkin’ brewskies, engaging in too-long conversations on the street with people you vaguely know about your respective breaks and hitting the books . hard, you could use a change in routine. Live shows this month are sure to make your return to ye District as rich, thick and decadent as, say, an education for 50,000 bones.

Looking for proof that 2008 will go out with the same bang it came in with? The D.C. live music year kicked off with duh-duh-duh-Disney’s Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana show, and will close with equal relevance. Seriously, though: hip-hop smarty Lupe Fiasco is scheduled to play 9:30 Club Jan. 30. Not so fly: just like those $1,000-plus tickets for your girl Miley/Hannah’s wholesome-rhinestone-jean-girl-power-fest, this gig is already sold out. Maybe scalp some tickets from your heady friend, or else prepare to be out of the Lupe this time, kids. Hell, there’s probably syndicated episodes of Hannah Montana on that night.

Resolving to bleed more buff and blue in 2008? Since you most likely already missed the chance to pay heed to GW gents of Bottles/Cans last Saturday, you can make up for mistakes of the past – twofold. First, head to Rock and Roll Hotel Friday Jan. 25 to join GW think-tanker Alex Platt and his alt-country band mates of Junior League as they take the stage for an E.P. release party.

Then head to the Black Cat the following night (Jan. 26) to join GW alums Jukebox the Ghost for their full-length CD release party. Breaking it down: that’s two GW-branded shows at $10 each – or, paid-for insurance that at some point in the future you can say, “Oh my gosh! I totally went to Jukebox the Ghost and/or Junior League’s show(s), and am so hip for having supported them prior to their ascent to fame!” over the partition of your cubicle to your less-cool office pals. That’s sweet victory, baby, at only twenty bucks.

Finish the weekend on a high note when Super Furry Animals take 9:30’s stage with The Fiery Furnaces and Holy F*ck on Jan. 27. Tickets are $17.

Ladies: do you have those bouquets of roses and frilly underpants ready to toss onstage should Mario Lopez ever appear before you? If you don’t already have tickets to that Lupe Fiasco show, why not snag Dancing with the Stars tickets in support of Mario’s star-studded past? Shoot over to the Verizon Center for a performance of shimmy-shaking grandeur on Jan. 30. Ticket prices are a little too steep for irony, though, ranging from $52.50-$168.

In conclusion, ladies and gents of 2008, if 2007 taught us anything, it’s that, damn, everyone’s looking to be a Soulja Boy/Girl. So this Friday, tip that flat brim and kick it new school at George Mason’s Patriot Center with headliner Chris Brown, plus performances by Bow Wow and, yes, Soulja Boy. Ticket prices range from $39.75-$109.75.

January’s all about music for the people, kids.

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