GW Brief: Brady Gallery to receive about 150 Andy Warhol photographs

The Luther W. Brady Art Gallery will soon receive a gift of about 150 original Andy Warhol photographs to add to its collection.

The gift comes from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts as part of the foundation’s 20th anniversary celebration. The works that will be given to GW, which include about 150 original prints, are part of a gift of 28,543 original Warhol photographs, worth more than $28 million dollars that is being divided among various college and university art galleries.

The Warhol photographs are scheduled to arrive at the end of the month, gallery employees said.

“It was an honor to be chosen by the foundation because they only picked 183 colleges and universities nationwide,” said Lenore Miller, chief curator at the Luther W. Brady Gallery, located in the School of Media and Public Affairs building.

Miller hopes Warhol Foundation photographs, in addition to the recently established Francine Zorn Trachtenberg Photography Fund, aims to help bring more exhibits of photography to GW and Foggy Bottom community.

“I haven’t been to the gallery yet, but I probably will now. I’m sure a lot of students will go now. Everyone knows Andy Warhol,” said Melanie Blair, a junior majoring in art history.

Warhol was a central figure in the American pop art movement. He achieved fame as a painter, photographer, avant-garde filmmaker, author and a public figure from the 1960s to 1980s. His dying wish was to leave his legacy for the advancement of the visual arts. In accordance with Warhol’s wishes, the Andy Warhol Foundation established itself in 1987, the year of his death.

The Brady gallery has a vision of planning an exhibit for the new Warhol photographs, Miller said. The gallery’s efforts are focused on preparing for an exhibit of Charles Demuthe, set to open on Jan. 16 and run until March 14.

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