Blind Date: Semi-formal sweethearts

A semi-formal and blind date – two situations with the potential for exponential awkwardness – were combined into one great evening for senior Andrew Kovacs and junior Sarah Feldman. The blind daters started off the night at Feldman’s Phi Sigma Sigma semi-formal and then went off to meet up with Kovacs’s friends at a holiday party. The mix of activities made for a successful first date, as conversation flowed past introductory questions and into the good stuff.

Date Bios

Name: Andrew Kovacs
Year: Senior
Age: 21
Hometown: Nassau County, Long Island, N.Y.

Name: Sarah Feldman
Year: Junior
Age: 20
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What is your ideal first date?

Kovacs: Something low-key, like maybe cooking a meal together.

Feldman: Maybe something like a concert, sporting event or anything you can walk around at, like the zoo or amusement park.

What do you look for in a person?

Kovacs: A great laugh is the first thing I look for. I look for someone I can carry a conversation with and who challenges me.

Feldman: I look for a sense of humor, intelligence, respect and a good sense of sarcasm.

What are your own interests?

Kovacs: I like hanging out with friends. I enjoy traveling and I like to ski.

Feldman: I like traveling, reading, dancing and running.

Andrew Kovacs

Kovacs: I had been on a blind date before and I heard a lot of bad stories about blind dates, but I knew as long as I kept it relaxed and casual, we would have fun.

I joked with her that I was bummed it was a semi we were going to and not a real date. It turned out to be better this way because it wasn’t traditional. There were no pressures, no stress and I was able to see her on her home turf with all of her friends.

The night really got going when we went to the semi-formal. We started dancing and I told her it was the best Hatchet blind date in history. It was a lot of fun. Her sorority sisters really knew how to have a good time. From there I had a Christmukah party to go to and word got out that I was on a blind date, so when we got to the party about 50 of my friends were chanting my name when I got there. I’m not going to lie – I kind of liked the attention. Now we were on my social scene, so we got to see the type of people we both hang out with.

Sarah’s a sweetheart – outgoing, a real nice girl and easy to talk to. After the Christmukah party we went back to my place and enjoyed the view. I would give the date an A. I know she had a good time and I will probably call her again later this week.

Sarah Feldman

Feldman: I had never been on a blind date before, but my first impression of Andrew was that I thought he looked really nice. He got along with all my roommates right off the bat, so that was good.

After we met up at New Hall, we went to a friend’s apartment and hung out. After that, we went to my sorority’s semi-formal, which was fun. He was a good dancer. I was really happy because he was easy to talk to compared to a lot of guys and there weren’t any awkward silences.

We then went to his friend’s Christmukah party. His friends were really nice and all my friends seemed to really like him so that was good. I would give the date an A. I think we had a good time and I would definitely see him again.

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