Bar Belle: Biddy Mulligan’s

1500 New Hampshire Ave. N.W.

When it comes to bars, we all have an itty bitty amount of Irish in us no matter what our family lineage. It just so happens, I have a lot of Irish in me and I proudly showcased it this past Friday night at Biddy Mulligan’s. Located in Dupont Circle, this bar is definitely within walking distance so you can put aside that cab fare for a dark stout or Irish car bomb(s). Biddy Mulligan’s also conveniently sits inside of the Jury’s Washington hotel, so you can meet a lot of interesting folk who are passing through the District for either business or pleasure. You never know, maybe a few of these fine professionals will dote on you and your alcohol endeavors.

Inside, you will find pretty much all the stereotypical features of an Irish pub. Tall and dark wooden tables stand sporadically, accompanied by a group of people with pounding fists in the air as car bombs speed their way down throats. Shamrocks are also scattered about with colored Christmas lights, which provide pretty much all of the illumination inside. The bar itself stretches across an entire half of the interior which means getting served throughout the night was painless. In fact, you could say that was a downfall – not for Biddy Mulligan’s but for me.

I started out happily drinking Guinness, as a good Irish girl should but was quickly turned onto some sort of alcoholic cider. I cannot remember what it was called, but all you had to do was shout “cider!” and the bartender would whip you a nice mug full of this delicious drink. That was my first mistake. The second was thinking that cider was a weak drink and thus chugging down several glasses full. The Irish reds were officially out at this point. My third mistake (and one that I will hopefully save you from) was traipsing around the hotel in search of Jury’s bathrooms. The concierge did not like it and neither did the families making their way back after tours of the White House. There is in fact a bathroom in the pub – I just never found it.

All mistakes behind, Biddy Mulligan’s is a fairly modest bar with a great crowd and festive atmosphere. All of the décor is straight out of the Celtic country, which you cannot help but love. The drinks are authentic and, while they can run a little pricey, you get a lot more bang for your buck. We managed to miss the live music, but if you have better time management skills than me, you can catch some great local musicians take center stage. Add in the close location and prime people-watching windows and you’ve got a fantastic venue. And then there is that cider.

If you are a cheap college student looking to spice up your bar scene, give Biddy Mulligan’s a chance and indulge your inner Boondock Saint.

Bar Belle Rating: Four of Four Belles

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