Taking a candle to religion

December is a particularly bright month and not just because everyone is giving and getting presents. Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are all holidays that involve lights, so this year, try buying your observant friends a present that they can actually use in the spirit of their holiday – a candle.

Christmas candles:

Although Christmas trees used to be decorated with real wax candles, today technology like electric candles makes the tradition a little less flammable. Check out Christmaslightsetc.com for a wide selection of battery-operated candles starting at $2.95 and LED Christmas lights, for the energy conscious. To spice up your gift basket, try giving friends and family scented Christmas candles, like the ones featured on www.candlecomfort.com/christmas.html, starting at $8 with fragrances like bayberry, pine, cranberry and others.

Hanukkah candles:

Hanukkah candles can be bought at almost any grocery store or pharmacy, but for a classy design, check out Bargainjudaica.com, where you can choose from multi-colored beeswax candles for $9.95, hand-decorated candles for $11.39 and candles made in Israel for $6.95. Also try Judaism.com to give your crafty friends a create-your-own Hanukkah candle kit for $12.95. Some choose to celebrate this holiday with electric candles or oil ones, so find out what kind of candelabra, or Chanukiah, you are buying a present for before making your purchase.

Kwanzaa candles:

When looking for Kwanzaa candles, keep in mind that friends who celebrate this holiday will probably want three green candles, three red candles and one black candle, which is the traditional color scheme. Check out Kwanzaalights.com for Kwanzaa candles that are sold at $10 with seven candles per package set. Kwanzaa candles are available on other Web sites such as Goldcoastafrica.com and Musefinds.com. But for a really heartfelt gift try making your own paper Kwanzaa candles using the instructions found at Enchantedlearning.com/crafts/kwanza.

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