What’s on our iPod: The Hives / Black and White Album

Everyone’s favorite Swedish rock band is back with their third U.S. full-length album, titled “Black and White Album.” This latest effort from the quintet comes with quite a push, thanks to a dream-team of producers, including none other than Dennis Herring, Pharrel Williams and Jacknife Lee. The tracks were also recorded in several studios around the globe, including Sweden, Memphis, Mississippi, Miami and London.

While traditional Hives fans may find the new album a bit different than previous works, the hooks are still sweet as ever, the lyrics are catchy, and you might just find yourself listening to this bad-boy of an album on repeat. Formulaically, “Black and White” is the perfect pop-rock album – but without any of the annoying suburban high-school lyrics or boring power chords. Rather, it’s the type of album that immediately makes you want to go out and buy tickets to their live show.

Pretty much all 14 tracks kill on this album, including a weird keyboard instrumental entitled “A Stroll Through Hive Manor Corridors” that just makes you giggle as you imagine the five suited members of the band creating such a song. Other key tracks include the new single, “Tick Tick Boom” (no, it’s not a remake of any P.O.D. or Saliva song you may remember from freshman year in high school) and “T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.,” a funky, bass- and vocal-heavy track that oozes grandiose self-importance.

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