Staff Editorial: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up: Faculty union progress

After years of intense legal battles and University politics, the adjunct faculty union is well on its way to having a working contract addressing job security and salaries. As of now GW relies on 1,502 part-time faculty members, not all the prominent government officials or the prized journalists the University highlights, but academics looking for real and necessary improvement. It is refreshing to see both representatives from the University and the union at the bargaining table in good faith, something many would have not imagined a few short years ago.

Unsure: J Street commission underway

In an attempt to address student complaints and problems with J Street dining options, University President Steven Knapp formed a commission with the Student Association and Sodexho this month to help field these pressing concerns. It is always encouraging to see an opportunity for discourse about issues that affect a large portion of the undergraduate population. However, it is necessary that these discussions lead to action and address the underlying concerns rather than simply talking about what could be changed or altered. In short, students will be looking to find visible results from this latest commission.

Thumbs Up: Plans to revamp DJ’s Fastbreak space

Plans are in the works to renovate the property that previously housed DJ’s Fastbreak into some much needed student space. The plans currently include providing EMeRG with office space on the second floor, a lounge area and a student-run business. In the past, there have been calls to utilize Quigley’s Pharmacy (before it became Tonic) and then the lower level of the Marvin Center for similar purposes, but to little avail. Making such a space available for student purposes will no doubt be much appreciated by the student body.

Thumbs Up: RIAA order

The Recording Industry Associates of America was handed a setback this month when a judge ordered they provide probable cause for a subpoena seeking the names of music downloaders at GW, but it may be good for the University. Instead of having to be responsible for finding and revealing the names of the 19 alleged downloaders, GW may be able to get out of the middle of this situation as it is not the cable provider to students. While this page does not condone illegal music downloading, the focus in this case should be on students, not on GW.

Unsure: SJT sky-high salary

Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, former GW President, raked in more than $700,000 in salary and benefits last year, making him the 42nd highest paid private university president in the country. After a 19-year, successful presidency Trachtenberg no doubt deserves a salary representative of his contributions to the University. However at a time when GW is trying to expand in so many ways, every penny counts.

Thumbs Down: Hate actions, words still haunting GW

Just as we thought our bout of racially charged controversy was over with the Islamo-Facism Awareness Week posters, our campus was faced with another round of confusion and negative publicity in the form of the multiple swastika incidents. The whole affair was embarrassing to the University and is hopefully the last of its kind that we are forced to deal with for a long time.

Thumbs Up: Kyle Cannon stays!

Reversing her earlier decision to become an expatriate, The Hatchet production queen has decided to continue her reign. You’ll be able to find her at the production desk instead of gallivanting around Europe.

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