Staff Editorial: Increased e-mail storage should be available to all

Student Association President Nicole Capp and representatives of Information Systems and Services announced this week that student leaders will have the opportunity to receive an enlarged e-mail quota through the Colonial Mail system. While other plans for technological advancements on campus came from the interaction between these two parties, the question remains: why can’t all GW students have access to improvements to the Colonial Mail system? Furthermore, what steps are being taken to better the GW e-mail system as a whole?

The small storage capacity of the GW system has already led many students and faculty members to make the switch to other e-mail providers. Most students, even those not deemed “student leaders,” have the basic need for an adequate e-mail provider. It seems if the technology is in place to certain of students to have increased capacity on their Colonial Mail, it should serve as a springboard to offer the upgrade to the entire community of system users.

Officials have been examining the possibility of changing the current arrangement to Google or Microsoft mail systems for more than a year. It is time for administrators to stop dragging their feet on a move that will easily improve student satisfaction with the current Internet services. Security issues are valid concerns but other universities nationwide have made the switch with praise for the new systems as a whole, enabling their students to have a better option when it comes to their in-boxes.

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